The Shooting Star and the Fatal Funnel

Published Dec 2015


This was inspired by gig-work I did for a police academy: afterward, I wondered what the experience might have been like had I come from a different background. I was honored to have it published by the good folks at Gravel, the literary journal of the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

Thanks to 121 words for putting this one up. What I like most is the ambiguity in it--if you read it with different inflections or inject your own punctuation its meaning changes like baby seals at the club


Untitled Micro Fiction

Published Jan 2018

121 Words

The Little White Hope: A Fairy Tale

Published March 2018

Foliate Oak

This is one of the more personal pieces of written, and I am proud and lucky to have this published in the outstanding literary journal Foliate Oak. Please check them out! 


Published May 2018

HCE Review

My first journal-published non-fiction work, this creative essay describes my experience teaching English in Cambodia. It's also my first published piece to derive directly from my travels. 

Tornadoes Turn Two Ways


YA novel, complete and ready for publication. If you're an agent or publisher interested in learning more, please reach out. I'll be your huckleberry.

Travel Memoir

In progress, title tbd

You knew I had to do one of these, right? I'm working on it.

I've got more, and as they are completed they will be found here.

Other Stories