One year ago

I'd just returned from Paris: my second European business trip, my second transatlantic fight with Girl. But this one felt different: I felt 99.44% over her now.  When it was Brussels I'd said Those Three Words three weeks before and she had not, one of several reasons tensions further strained while I was away. So when her texts were distant I called her that girl who signs your yearbook 'Have a great summer!' and she called me the person who could hurt her more than anyone.

But that was then and this was a year later, couple months more than. So this time when she inflamed my texts ran cold. She asked to meet and I insisted on a public place.

In a bar near my Happy Meal McMansion we sat diametric at a circular booth. After drinks arrived she said, like only she could, "I guess I've known for a while that I love-d you."

And my head spun.

One year later she would be engaged and I'd have a REALTOR(tm)-brand listing agent. But we had a good chat today.