you deal with writer's block your way and I'll deal with it in mine

you deal with writer's block your way and I'll deal with it in mine

Today is April 20, the one day stoners show up on time. I never had much use for weed--until I did. Girl enjoyed the stuff and I enjoyed Girl. Pussy is a gateway drug (oh I fear the day my parents read this blog).

I long looked down on my toker friends but it turns out weed has medicinal properties--it's especially good at removing sticks from assholes and boy did I have a tree lodged in mine (as aforementioned friends can attest). Before long I was going full Nate Dogg.

It did a lot of good--gave me insight and empathy I applied to my disintegrating relationship with X, my new relationship with Girl, and my writing.

It also made me lazy--which also wasn't a bad thing. I needed to slow down for once and appreciate the little things. To be happy just being. Not everything was worth stressing over.

Then as the relationship with Girl disintegrated (shocking given what a solid foundation it was built upon), it helped me cope with all the bad things.

I haven't gotten eight miles high since leaving on a jet plane: Thailand is pretty strict about drugs and I neither want to land in a Thai prison or get deported for stupidity.

Most importantly, I don't need it now. I'm getting all the happiness, insight, and relaxation I need from this beautiful journey.

Then again, can you imagine this beautiful journey...