Back to boring Bangkok


It’s easy to become cynical about where you live, whether you were born there or just moved four months ago. Even in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, a place I never imagined taking for granted. Yet here I am, thinking: 

‘Sure they’ve got cheap and tasty street food everywhere. But remember the bahn mi in Saigon? The most ama-aazing sandwich ever--and less than a dollar!’

‘Big deal, another gilded wat. Remember the temples in Laos? So much darker, with all those violent murals!’

‘Yeah, a moto almost ran me down on the sidewalk. But in Cambodia, everyone drove the wrong way. Death lurked around every turn!’

Yep, boring old Bangkok. But there’s still much The City of Angels had yet to reveal to these farang eyes, and I got to see a few this week. Now you do, too.



then when the tourists are gone, some food cart owner comes along and stocks tomorrow's menu

then when the tourists are gone, some food cart owner comes along and stocks tomorrow's menu

When traveling, if you’re open to it, you intersect with people who will pop in your life again. Such was the case with my sacred tattoo tour guide. Long story short, he needed guests willing to be photographed to come on one of his newest tours. And I’m an attention whore so was happy to help out. In exchange, I got to see a different side of sights I had seen, and new ones I hadn’t.

Bangkok by boat is especially fascinating--it’s called the Venice of the East for a reason.

Along the way we hit a couple of lesser known destinations (Wat Paknam Bhasi Charoen) and well-known sites in unusual ways (Wat Pho at night, after all the tourists have been kicked out).


how do  you  think they got here?

how do you think they got here?

Since entering the Ghost Tower is verboten and the Fish Mall has been torn down, there isn’t much urban ex weirdness left in Bangkok. But the Airplane Graveyard remains.

How did dilapidated passenger jets end up in a field not very close to either of the city’s airports? Seems no one knows. But if you’re willing to pay the homeless guy 200 baht you can climb around in the old planes yourself. Don’t expect hand rails or safety cordons, however.