Take the backroads

Yesterday I drove from Seguin to El Paso and while I saw some beautiful countryside it was all about clicking miles. I was trying to make a day. Mentally fatigued and driving down I-10 I booked a cheap hotel online and was too far removed from downtown El Paso to enjoy the city.

As X would say, life is choices, cupcake.

I wanted to enjoy today. And with only 350 miles to Nogales I had some flexibility. I stopped for breakfast in Las Cruces and met a grey-bearded local named Bob who encouraged me to get onto backroads—he even drew me a map on a napkin.

So I did and I’m so glad for it. A defunct mining town, a crazy tourist trap, and some of the most stunning natural beauty I’ve seen since Indonesia that my little phone’s camera can’t do justice. I even almost caught the road runner—good thing I swerved when he ran out into my path.


It was a good day. Thanks, Bob.