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Border run #2: a greener shade of Cambodia

I'm now starting my third month in SE Asia, and on day 4 (of 12 scheduled) in Cambodia.

Tempus fugit, Ferris.

I've also posted lots of food porn here but not provided a proper restaurant review. Until now.  


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pizza is big business in Siem Reap (at least, as big as business gets here), with some surprisingly high quality pies on offer.

That's not Happy Siem Reap Pizza. No, they--along with four or five other joints in town--specialize in happy pizzas. Thus, my must-do travel itinerary for Siem Reap was the following, in no particular order:

  • Visit with stepbrother
  • Angkor Wat
  • Happy Pizza

The interior of Happy Siem Reap Pizza is rustic, with dark wood and brick throughout. This is no doubt helpful for hiding bloodshot eyes. The service is quick and the staff is knowledgeable. When I ordered my small mushroom pie, priced at $3.50, I was quick to remind that I wanted it happy. My waiter informed me it’s $2 extra to make it happy.

Now, one might argue that paying extra for happiness, at a place with “happy” in their name, amounts to bait and switch. But I remembered mai pen rai, then remembered I was in Cambodia, not Thailand, and so remembered que sera sera.

“No problem,” I say. “Ah kon.”

that green ain’t basil

that green ain’t basil

My pie (and milkshake) came quickly. The taste? Eh. Reminded me of Chef Boyardee pizza kits I made as a teenager (which, if I’d made those "happy", would’ve made my friends much happier too). But the flavor isn’t what I savored of those three slices--no, this was a pizza that truly lived up to its promise. And I spent the rest of the afternoon in my room, flipping channels and grinning a fool.

By the way, K-Pop is amazing:

It was also a valuable reminder that the Nate Dogg way of Life was a valuable one to mine, but ultimately, was unsustainable. Good as it is to take care of head, without a little good, fine, hard work, I'll never not be workin on that novel.

But with all that said, I was also a fan of Happy Siem Reap Pizza’s to-go boxes--because they have them. I got one, and am looking forward to cold pizza for dinner. And breakfast.

Overall rating: 4.20



you deal with writer's block your way and I'll deal with it in mine

you deal with writer's block your way and I'll deal with it in mine

Today is April 20, the one day stoners show up on time. I never had much use for weed--until I did. Girl enjoyed the stuff and I enjoyed Girl. Pussy is a gateway drug (oh I fear the day my parents read this blog).

I long looked down on my toker friends but it turns out weed has medicinal properties--it's especially good at removing sticks from assholes and boy did I have a tree lodged in mine (as aforementioned friends can attest). Before long I was going full Nate Dogg.

It did a lot of good--gave me insight and empathy I applied to my disintegrating relationship with X, my new relationship with Girl, and my writing.

It also made me lazy--which also wasn't a bad thing. I needed to slow down for once and appreciate the little things. To be happy just being. Not everything was worth stressing over.

Then as the relationship with Girl disintegrated (shocking given what a solid foundation it was built upon), it helped me cope with all the bad things.

I haven't gotten eight miles high since leaving on a jet plane: Thailand is pretty strict about drugs and I neither want to land in a Thai prison or get deported for stupidity.

Most importantly, I don't need it now. I'm getting all the happiness, insight, and relaxation I need from this beautiful journey.

Then again, can you imagine this beautiful journey...