Not very profound today are we?

Three things


I had these pretty regularly--two of them about daily--before I left the US. Since the one way ticket I haven't had a single bowl.

But I sure get offers for one here in Saigon. Easily a dozen times within a half hour, in fact, from every motorbike taxi driver who saw me.


do i give off a vibe or something?

do i give off a vibe or something?

I passed each time, of course. I'm not getting deported over something stupid, and I question the quality. And quality matters to me. I didn't eat Mini Spooners, I smoked only the kindest bud. And as for sex, well, I'm so good I could charge.

Don't get mad. I'm only being real.

And if it ain't great I'll go without.

Though when it comes to cereal, I'm kinda craving it. I could go for a nice full bowl.