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Reader request! On Krzyzewski and Allen

My friend suggested I post on Mike Kryzelwooski pardoning Most Likely to Date Rape superlative and Ted Cruz spawn Grayson Allen as his final act before back surgery. Trip three players, get one game. How does that happen? In fairness, how does anything happen?

Fucking integrity. How does it work?

I haven't posted about sports thus far, but as a Tar Heel I do have the obligation and sweet sweet privilege to crush The Dookies whenever appropriate. This one's terribly unsatisfying.

We love to hate, but that hate comes with grudging respect--otherwise you have no credibility. Kshashevskee is, at minimum, on the Mount Rushmore of college coaches. He may well be the GOAT. And sickening though it is to hear ad-nauseum how Duke does it The Right Way, that had been largely true on the court, despite half their student body being a basket of repugnance ("thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt!") and/or disgraced former Presidents

But this is so flimsy. Karspersesky is slicker than this: it seems mailed in. Fuck You, I'm Fully Vested. 10 years ago it was a different story: George Mason senior point guard Tony Skinn threw a nutshot and coach Jim Larranaga suspended him for the NCAA first round against already favored Michigan St. What did Krezizkevkey say?

if he was here right now, I’d give him a big hug. We need more coaches to have the courage to step up in situations like this and say to our kids, ‘That’s wrong; I’m not making excuses for you.’ If I were in the same situation, I hope I’d be gutsy enough and strong enough to do the same thing, but I can’t swear to you that I would. If a big-name coach did something like that, people would be fitting him for sainthood by tomorrow.

How does the right thing happen? How does anything happen?  

As Christ thus did say unto thee, "turn the other foot." --Grayson 3:16

As Christ thus did say unto thee, "turn the other foot." --Grayson 3:16