snapping selfies at sacred sites

Snapping selfies at sacred sites: Angkor Wat

I get it. You're at a special place, and you want to share your excitement with the world/get lots of facebook and Instagram dap. So you know it's not enough to just take a picture of the site--how will people know you were really there? They might accuse you of stealing from shutterstock. I'm sure you're not just a narcissistic millennial with low self-esteem.  

these faces just aren't good enough

these faces just aren't good enough

There are two problems, though:

  1. When you make it about yourself, you miss the whole point of the experience. Are you even enjoying--do you even recognize--what a special moment you are partaking in? This is a treasure--a world wonder! And
  2. You're in my way, pissing me off.

But after a while, you inspire as much wonder in me at this sacred station in the Kingdom of Wonder

And I wonder if you wondered what I was taking pictures of.